Year group


Whole school London focus (Autumn term)

Spring or Summer term History topic.




Nursery and Reception will explore the exciting places, people and buildings of our very own city, London. This is part of a whole school focus during the Autumn term.


Children will get to learn about changes to London within living memory as well as famous Londoners from past and present! The children will be getting to know what old London Bridge was like, hundreds of years ago!

Year 1 will explore famous explorers from the past and the adventures they had as well as the discoveries they made!


Year 2 will explore the exciting topic of The Great Fire of London and what life was like in 17th Century London!

Children will learn about some important historical figures: Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell. They will explore why they were important and what impact they had during their own lifetimes and beyond.


Year 3 will be travelling back to Roman London and learning about what Londinium looked like, as well as the lasting impact the Romans had on our city.

Children will explore life in the world of Ancient Egypt, getting to grips with rituals, important people and everyday life.


Children will explore the fantastic topic of Tudor London, exploring the many royal palaces that are still standing, stopping off for some maritime adventures along the way as we learn about Francis Drake and the Golden Hinde.

Year 4 will be discovering the Vikings and their seafaring adventures- as well as the impact they had on this country. We will put the Vikings in chronological context by discussing links to the Anglo-Saxons and the Normans respectively. In the Summer we will learn about the Stone Age during our ‘Environments’ topic.


Year 5 will explore the wonderful world of Victorian London! Much fun will be had contrasting school life then and now as well as the lasting impact the Victorians had on the city.

The children will learn about the Ancient Greeks, exploring myths and mysteries, as well as comparing the city-states of Athens and Sparta.


Year 6 will be acting as our expert Historians in the modern era; focusing on 20th Century London. They will learn about the Second World War, looking at settlement change as well as rationing and making shelters.

The children will be learning about the Mayans, the extent of the empire and what life was like in this era. Year 6 will explore Mayan artefacts as well as the art that Mayans are famous for.



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