Physical Education

Our curriculum

At St Margaret’s we aim to ensure all children:

  • keep active and healthy
  • develop their physical skills
  • engaging in competitive & extra-curricular sporting activities

In all areas of physical education, we put a strong emphasis on developing children’s independence as learners and from an early age, we encourage children to be involved in self-evaluation.  We are currently trialling our new ‘Going for Gold’ assessment and the teacher version can be viewed below.

Throughout Key Stage 1, children learn games that focus on basic movements including running, jumping, throwing, catching as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination.  From an early stage, children are encouraged to play, adapt games in their morning and lunch playtime.  Gymnastics and dance are also taught in each year.

Throughout Key Stage 2, children develop their skills and team play in a wide range of sports and dance activities.  The main sports we focus on are: tag rugby, high 5 netball, 3v3 basketball, quicksticks hockey, kwik cricket, mini-tennis, rounders and athletics.  We offer an even greater range of sports through our extra-curricular clubs e.g. badminton, table tennis, karate, dance, football.  Gymnastics and dance are also taught in each year.

In Year 3 & 4, children are introduced to small-sided challenges and games that develop the skills needed for these sports. They are also given opportunities to play in competitions within school and with other local schools.

In Year 5 & 6, children continue to develop their skills and teamplay, as well as officiating and scoring.  They are introduced to the standardised rules for each game and given opportunities to play in competitions within school and with other local schools through the school games framework.

Latest developments in Physical Education & Sport - Staying active is very important to us at St Margaret's and regular exercise is part of our curriculum.  The whole school has a fitness workout after assembly each day and Year1-4 are piloting an exciting new fitness programme run by Fit4Life, which involves a daily workout and fitness assessment.  We believe that these regular short bursts of intense exercise have a significant impact on learning. 

Our PE curriculum includes a broad and balanced range of activities as set out in the National Curriculum.  As well as staging our own 'house' tournaments, we regularly compete against other schools in the local area, either in ‘friendlies’ or inter-school 'school games' competitions. An exciting legacy of the Olympics for us at St Margaret’s is our partnership with the team at Sutcliffe Park athletics track. All children from Year 2 to Year 6 have the opportunity to learn the full range of Olympic track and field events, using amazing facilities. This culminates in our whole school sports day in July.  We have also invested in PE coaching this year, using sports premium money that has been provided by the government for the next two years.  These coaches will work alongside teachers to provide inspiration and practical ideas and really enhance the quality of PE teaching.  We also offer a huge range of PE extra-curricular opportunities for our children, including gymnastics, basketball, football, karate, badminton, multi-sports, hockey, table tennis and netball.

We are delighted to have recently received the Sainsbury's School Games Gold award in recognition for the work we do to support children's physical education.

Have a look at our PE and school sports action plan below!

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