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Physical Education

PE and School Sport are very much at the heart of what we do here. The following information will give you some idea of our commitment.

Regular physical exercise for ALL pupils

The Department for Health has set an ambitious target, recommending that primary school children undertake at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day in school. At St Margaret's this is the minimum!

How do we timetable it?

Every day, we do the 'Daily Mile' in the playground. We split assembly time so the younger children run for 15 minutes, then swap with the older children. On Thursdays, we all go to the local park for 'Park Run.'

After lunch break, the juniors do 15 minute of circuit games outside or dance in the hall. The younger classes have a 15 minutes playtime, with games led by the staff that encourage active play.

We structure our lunch break so that children spend at least 45 minutes outside playing and our staff are trained to lead a range of games and activities. Children have the option of football, basketball, dance, table tennis, den-building as well as various other rotated activities like skipping games, parachute games, cricket and net games.

We also offer after-school sports clubs from Monday to Thursday and Karate on Thursday and Friday mornings. 

All of this on top of our 2 PE lessons for each class!

Our least active children are doing on average 3 hours a week. Our most active are doing close to 9 hours a week.


Breadth of experience

From Reception, children start to learn the skills for a wide range of sports as well as being introduced to gymnastics and dance. Through KS1, these are developed and children are introduced to age-appropriate versions of specific sports such as unihoc, mini-tennis as well as small-sided versions of traditional sports such as football and cricket.

In KS2, children play a wide range of sports including tag rugby, hockey, netball, football, basketball, tennis, cricket as well as dance, gymnastics and athletics. Children from Y3-6 have the opportunity to compete in 'in-house' sports competitions throughout the year, representing their 'house team'. 

Children who show a particular aptitude or passion for a sport are selected to compete against other schools, either through the Lewisham School Games competitions or in local friendlies. 


Below is an overview of what is taught and when ...

To see our PE, school sports and active learning in action, have a look at our blogs by clicking on the link below:

Signposting to clubs

There are numerous clubs that children can join, where they can further develop their skills and enjoyment for active learning. We have listed a few below that are already popular with St Margaret's families and are local:

Rugby: Old Colfeins Rugby Club (all ages, mixed gender, girl's team 13+)

Dance / Performing Arts:  LCN Performing Arts (hosted on Saturdays in St Margaret's Lee School)

Hockey: Honor Oak Panthers

Athletics: Sutcliffe Park Athletics

Tennis: Blackheath Tennis Club

Cricket: Blackheath Cricket Club

Physical Education