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Our vision is for all children to:
  • Be knowledgeable, confident communicators;
  • Grow in kindness and empathy;
  • Be inspired, creative learners.

What does this mean for our curriculum?

This means we want our curriculum to:

  • Be a spiralling curriculum that builds on prior learning, allows children to develop interconnected schemas of substantive knowledge and provides children with the disciplinary skills to be secondary ready;
  • Provide opportunities to review learning through retrieval tasks,
  • Exemplify a cumulative learning model to avoid ‘lesson fade’,
  • Include knowledge organisers and knowledge strips in books to aid review of learning and allow children’s books to be used as study guides;
  • Have a strong focus on vocabulary acquisition, including etymology, academic and subject-specific vocabulary.


  • Provide opportunities for children to collaborate, support and encourage one another;
  • Highlight difference in a positive light, using examples of inspirational people, past and present, across the curriculum;
  • Help children learn about discrimination, past and present, and develop the moral confidence to challenge it;
  • Provide children with opportunities to empathise through critical thinking, debate and reflection, as well as opportunities for social action.


  • Help children to see themselves as having the potential to be successful in the next stage of their education and beyond;
  • Include a coherent plan of inspiring and enriching experiences, including visits to theatres, museums and art galleries;
  • Provide opportunities for generative learning tasks and independent learning.