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A bit more about our aims

We use the Early Learning Goals, and the National Curriculum for Geography as the basis of our curriculum, which is also aligned with our school vision. Our curriculum exceeds the National Curriculum and ensures our students are secondary ready by the end of KS2.

In geography, our children study where places are found, what they are like and the relationships between people and their environments.

A high-quality, knowledge-rich curriculum is taught to all so that pupils not only know more, remember more and understand more about the world, but also think and act as geographers. We teach and encourage our children to be curious and to question the information they are presented with to further their understanding.

Our children grow in confidence as communicators of their own ideas and opinions in geography; enabled by explicit vocabulary instruction and opportunities for pupils to use subject specific and academic language.

Our intention is unmistakeable; exceptional teacher instruction inspires pupils to acquire knowledge, and become discerning geographers. In other words, become inspired, creative learners.

Through studying geography, we intend for our students to widen their own field of vision; to understand the world in which they live, and how it functions on a human and physical level. They learn about cultures and experiences different to their own and this enables them to grow in kindness and empathy.

Our curriculum

Our long term sequence of learning:

This can be viewed/downloaded at the foot of the page.


In addition to our robust curriculum, we also build in other exceptional experiences for our children as they journey through primary school, including:

  • fieldwork in Manor House Gardens, Oxleas Woods & Carroty Wood
  • orienteering in Peckham Rye & Kingswood residential
  • river study in Deptford Creek & Quaggy river
  • opportunities to showcase their learning to wider audiences, including families. 


If you are a current parent/carer, please remember that you can have an overview of learning for your child's class for each block. (example below) Just ask your teacher or at the school office. This may be useful for home discussion.