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Giving back

Education at St Margaret's Lee is free. However, the overwhelming majority of families within the school really appreciate all that the school does for the children and want to give something back, particularly with school budgets under pressure. There are various ways parents and carers do this, including:

Give As You Live

Give as you live - earn money for school with no cost to you! Click on the link below to find out more. The Friends of St Margaret's Lee charity number is 270902.

JustGiving Fundraising

Our JustGiving homepage can be accessed by using the following link (you will only need to register once):

We are passionate about providing an enriching curriculum for your children. Your contribution will help to ensure we don't cut back on curriculum enrichment. Your donations will help to go towards things such as:

  • design and technology materials
  • food tech ingredients and equipment (including a new cooker in the staffroom!)
  • sport and playtime equipment
  • science resources
  • art resources
  • musical instruments
  • IT equipment and software
  • subsidising theatre trips
  • subsidising specialist curriculum visitors

If you are doing something to fundraise from the school, whether big or small, you can use the link below to make Friends of St Margaret's Lee your chosen charity:

JustGiving Annual Capitation Contribution

The Friends of St Margaret's Lee are also tasked with collecting annual capitation contributions from our families. The requested amount is £30 per child. This money insures us when things go wrong or need replacing. In the past few years, the return on these contributions has been significant, including a new heating system and boilers, a new KS1 roof, new toilets across the school. Please don't take the condition of the school for granted and make this contribution today. You can do this by clicking on the link below:


Giving your time, energy or skills

Some parents and carers are willing to give their time, energy and expertise. This may include:

Giving back is good for the children, good for the school and good for you!