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Physical Education

What is the Daily Mile?

What happens in KS1 PE lessons?

A typical lesson structure:

What happens in KS2 PE lessons?

A typical lesson structure:

What happens in Dance lessons?

What about swimming?

What about outdoor and adventurous activities?

What opportunities are there for PE at breaktimes?

Accordion Title

There are numerous clubs that children can join, where they can further develop their skills and enjoyment for active learning. We have listed a few below that are already popular with St Margaret's families and are local:

Rugby: Old Colfeins Rugby Club (all ages, mixed gender, girl's team 13+)

Dance / Performing Arts:  LCN Performing Arts (hosted on Saturdays in St Margaret's Lee School)

Hockey: Honor Oak Panthers

Athletics: Sutcliffe Park Athletics

Tennis: Blackheath Tennis Club

Cricket: Blackheath Cricket Club

Football: AFC Lewisham, Blackheath Wanderers, London Legends are all local and are trying to increase their numbers for girls' football in particular. 


Physical Education